Prairie Solid Waste Agency

Recycling Our Earth ...

Prairie Solid Waste Information
1774 Lark Avenue
PO Box 227
 Creston, IA 50801
 Phone: 641-347-5022
Toll Free: 866-282-8787
Hours:   8:00 AM - 4:15 PM  Monday thru Friday
8:00 AM—11:30 PM Saturday
Fee: $65.00/ton
   Minimum Charge: $10.00 for 309# or less
There will be an extra charge, determined by staff, for items over 8 foot, with a min of $50.00
There will be a $100 fee when staff assist with unloading material 
Additional pricing for Appliances,TV's, E-waste, Tires
There will be a surcharge of $10.00 for residents and
$100.00 for contractors, if your load is not secured properly
Children under 12 and pets must remain in vehicle at all times
BANNED materials at the Prairie Solid Waste Transfer Station: asbestos, yard waste, large propane bottles, ammuntion, biological/infectious waste, radioactive waste, explosives, liquids,oil/fuel contaminated soil, foundry sand, shock sensitive waste,or any other special waste.
Procedure at that transfer station: All vehicles enter the site by turning south off of State Hwy 34 onto Lark Avenue, then turn left into main entrance. Customers must come to a complete stop on the scale. New and/or residential customers need to come into the scale house to notify the attendant what kind of material they have, origin of material, and to receive detailed instructions . All customers must wait for traffic light, located at the end of the entrance scale, to turn green before going to the transfer station. After exiting off the scale, vehicles need to merge right. At this time customers can untarp their boxes/trailers/vehicles and/or wait for the operator to communicate verbally or signal which bay door to back into the building to unload on the tipping floor or directly into the transfer trailer. When you are done unloading, return to the entrance scale to complete the paper work and/or transaction. All customers will follow the same plan.

Prairie Solid Waste consolidates waste that is collected in Adams, Taylor, Union, and Clarke Counties. Trucking is contracted with Joe Cooney, DBA HJC, LLC, to use our walking floor trailers to haul 3-4 loads daily to Metro Waste Authority East Landfill located on the east side of Des Moines.